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It takes more than
a name and an email to

acquire the right celebrity

for your Direct Response production.

Securing a celebrity isn’t as easy as simply contacting their representative. At any time, from talent selection to finalizing a contract, your deal can lose its footing.

Celebconn Artists has global contacts and proven expertise that take stress and time out of the negotiation and contracting processes from start to finish, so you can focus on your creative and your production.

We cull the best talent names from our own research and the suggestions of scores of representatives to reach a pairing that will maximize your success.

Our extensive experience helps you navigate more efficiently and quickly to secure the right talent to promote your product or service the best, within your budget…then assists throughout the project to ensure the relationship remains solid.

Endorsement by a familiar celebrity increases by 4x the chances of your product being noticed.

Don’t have time—or patience—to deal with celebrity acquisition? Give us a call. We’ve done hundreds of successful deals on behalf of our clients.

Give yourself a break.

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Thanks for all of your help in securing celebrity talent for many of our clients over the years. We’ve worked on several other projects since without a hitch. When it comes to finding celebrity talent for one of our clients, you’re always my first call.


Tedd Barr

Converze Media Group

Simply put, if you need somebody, head on over to Celebconn Artists fast. They get you the right talent for the right job every time, and they do it with grace, ease, and a smile. They deliver. Do not walk but run for all of your celebrity booking needs. They deliver period.


Stefan Pollack

The Pollack Group

Celebconn Artists is the first call I make when client even mentions a celebrity, sometimes before concepts are written. I know their team will land top quality celebrity talent while we’re busy working on other parts of the project. It’s one less thing that I have to worry about, and they’re with us every step of the way, building a relationship to make sure every production is a success. 


Brandon Anthony

Bluewater Media

Contacts. Credibility. Clout.